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Expert fCMO Support for Age-Restricted Marketing

Navigate the complex landscape of age-restricted product marketing with confidence. Our seasoned fCMO support combines deep regulatory insights and innovative marketing tactics to elevate your brand while ensuring full compliance. Experience creative strategies that push boundaries responsibly. Join forces with us and witness your age-restricted brand thrive.

What Is A Fractional Chief Marketing Officer (fCMO)?

A fCMO is the ideal solution for companies seeking an alternative to the overhead, and turnover that often come with traditional Chief Marketing Officers. For the right company, an fCMO is a highly qualified expert at moving marketing FORWARD. Much like attorneys, accountants, and other professionals, fCMOs may have a small handful of marketing clients who are all benefiting from their expertise.

More than meeting project deadlines and budgets, an fCMO meets and exceeds campaign goals, sets and executes marketing strategy, leads teams of all kinds, and can be the communication and accountability bridge to other departments within a company. fCMOs can be a temporary or long-term solution for companies seeking an alternative to traditional marketing structures.

Is your company ready for a fCMO?


Marketing is often defined by the projects it creates. Launching websites, introducing new products and services, creating new brands and logos, and other projects are some of the benchmarks to measure success for a marketing department or traditional CMO. Here at Rojas Consulting, we have mastered the balancing act of moving marketing projects FORWARD on time and within budget while maintaining the company-wide alliances that are required for long-term business success. Some of the projects we have managed include:

  • New Website Design and Launch
  • Existing Website Redesign and Launch
  • Product Launches
  • Branding


The most transformational shift in marketing has been the introduction of Big Data and AI. We can now use the data from a click to understand customers, predict outcomes, and create irresistible marketing campaigns that are laser-targeted to a company's ideal customers. The challenge many marketing departments face is how to gather, interpret, and take action from the data around them. To move your marketing FORWARD, optimizing your content, messaging, customer journey, and marketing spend becomes not just a goal but an essential component to stay competitive in today's marketing environment.


Everyone loves a good party! While companies could throw parties because parties are fun, most have a reason to host an event. Events are revenue streams, brand vehicles, connection hubs, and celebrations of achievements, but no one likes to be alone at a party! Move your marketing FORWARD with event marketing that attracts the crowds your event needs. We can help you get more sign-ups, get more attendees, sell more tickets, and get more long-term results from every event you hold. Events we have participated in:

  • Orange Bowl Game and Events
  • Swisher Sweets Artists Project
  • Coca-Cola Experience



"Carmen is committed to her clients' success and has very high standards. I highly recommend her services. You know that you will be in good hands." - Vendor 2014


"I first met Carmen at a networking group and we found common business ground almost immediately. She first began working with our social media and after successfully growing our list on two social media outlets, she began the work to build a new website for one of our product lines. She was very knowledgeable, worked quickly, and we love our new website." Client - 2020


"In my role as the Community Relations Director, I had the pleasure of working with Ms. Rojas on several projects. In each instance, Ms. Rojas demonstrated professionalism, organization, creativity and forward thinking. She is a team player who knows how to lead and how to think strategically for the good of the organization." -Executive Co-Worker - 2021.



If you're not moving your marketing FORWARD, which direction is it going?

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