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Professional Biography

As a Fractional CMO with over 15 years of experience in business intelligence analysis, I specialize in providing actionable insights that directly impact profitability, sales performance, and customer experiences. 

With years of experience working within teams to manage events as large as the Orange Bowl, Swisher Sweets Artist Project, and numerous corporate meetings, workshops, events and launches, event management comes naturally. The skills learned throughout a career delivering memorable events, can be utilized by companies who want to build experiences into their marketing strategies.

Combined with a robust background in working with structured and unstructured data using Python, SQL, and MySQL for over four years, I've developed and analyzed sophisticated A/B split tests and multivariate tests for over eight years. My extensive experience spans across diverse companies, enabling me to improve KPIs, increase sales, and enhance business efficiencies.

My approach combines creativity and strategic thinking, resulting in the development of effective dashboards, presentations, blogs, and other communication tools. Over the years, I've honed my skills in managing time, budgets, and expectations as a contract worker, ensuring successful project outcomes.

Certified in various aspects of project management, data analysis, and digital marketing from reputable institutions, my goal-focused, growth-minded, and collaborative leadership style drives impactful solutions that fuel business growth.

My commitment to excellence, combined with a comprehensive skill set in software programs including Google Analytics, Tableau, Python, and more, ensures the delivery of effective and efficient marketing strategies aligned with your business objectives.

Certifications and Training

  • Masters Certificate Project Management - Villanova University
  • Lean Six Sigma 
  • Google Analytics Individual Qualification
  • Social Media Marketing ROAD Map,  Fundamentals of Online Testing & Marketing Experiments Email Marketing Online Certification - Meclabs
  • Business Metrics for Data-Driven Companies - Duke University

Navigating the Dynamics of Team Integration


Joining Forces with Your Team

When I join your team as your Fractional CMO, I come to bring you more than just marketing strategies but rather a partnership with your business and the teams within it. By seamlessly integrating with your existing teams, I'm here to weave my leadership expertise into the fabric of your company's culture, aligning every insight with your overarching goals. We'll create a powerful collaborative effort, empowering your team with strategies and solutions that are as unique as your brand. Let's multiply our efforts and achieve exponential results that achieve and exceed your business goals.


Crafting Teams from the Ground Up

Starting a new team? Let me bring my seasoned perspective to the drawing board. With a knack for assembling high-performing, cohesive units, I guide the creation of teams that not only share your vision but are also equipped to bring it to life. Through strategic mentorship and leveraging deep industry insights, I help you build a foundation of specialized talent. With an agile and experienced hand, I'll help you navigate your industry’s competitive landscape, fostering an environment of innovation and collaboration. Together, we'll set the stage for remarkable achievements.

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