You know those marketing things that you should do.... but don't want to do?   That's what I do.

Every company that is invested in marketing should be reviewing data, making strategic plans and adjustments, monitoring Return On Investment (ROI), and other tedious tasks that most marketing leaders don't want to do, don't have the time to do and don't have the training or experience to do. These are the things I enjoy! Every business deserves someone who not only understands the math but understands the problem, the people, and the potential in each business. 


Your business is unique. Your solutions will be custom designed to fit your needs.

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The wide world of consumer data

We specialize in business intelligence for sales and marketing. We use the data that all businesses have to understand what customers want, need, will pay, and will ignore. We provide our clients with easy to understand answers, easy to implement action steps, and the confidence to improve the sales and marketing of consumer brands. 

percent of organizations have low BI and analytics maturity
Percent of business leaders who believe that big data will revolutionize business operations
percentage of global companies increasing investments in big data and AI
percent of companies who use cloud business intelligence solutions to improve implementation
Percent of sales and marketing teams said that cloud BI is essential for getting their work done
.... yet this is the percentage of companies with a chief analytics officer.

Open Source Case Studies

Wisdom is meant to shared. We share the wisdom we have gained in our open-source case studies. The wisdom comes from clients, other case studies and publicly available data sources. We also get fired up by current events that are in need of a little data. Come see what we are workin' with!
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